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A new Doc

I think I might have a Phd. I mean I’m not sure because I haven’t worn a weird hat or been given a certificate, but I have been congratulated – a lot. It’s been lovely. I’ve drunk Prosecco and people have said nice things and I have demurred. ‘It’s only in Creative Writing,’ I say, […]

The 365 club

I am trying to edit a novel, as I may have mentioned. I am also teaching a couple of courses this term and have various other projects on the go so it seemed the perfect time to learn something new. I have wanted to learn how to write poetry for ages now. I wrote terrible […]

Welcome to my new website.

Very happy to welcome you to my newly upgraded website with thanks to Ben Kellerman for creating the clean design I wanted.  In spite of my maximalist nature – which is messy and a little magpie like – I do like simplicity – in websites, fashion and design. I am a little bored of it […]


And so here we are again procrastinating. I could clean my house which looks like all the Wild Weird of my imagination have rioted through every room – trying on every piece of clothing available (we have a lot) then dropping them randomly in inappropriate places. (I don’t want to accept a more mundane explanation […]

Beginning again

 I like new beginnings. As a kid I was always starting new resolutions – ‘from now on I’m going to be…I was always a mixture of earnest striving to be better and a rather mulish ‘quite happy the way I am so bugger off and leave me alone.’  I wanted to be different, ‘better’ but I […]

Another bite from the Apple

OK I tried to swap my old phone today. You can do it through Apple online but not in the store.So I’m not bothering. You can only sell phones for Apple vouchers in any case and in store I would probably have picked up some Christmas presents for the kids. It would have been convenient […]

The writing business

Of course writing is a business and a fairly tough one. In many ways being a writer resembles being an actor, a musician or perhaps a painter: few manage to make a living out of it and most need a second or third string to their bow. I suppose my second string is teaching but […]