Welcome to my new website.

Very happy to welcome you to my newly upgraded website with thanks to Ben Kellerman for creating the clean design I wanted.  In spite of my maximalist nature – which is messy and a little magpie like – I do like simplicity – in websites, fashion and design.

I am a little bored of it now in interior decoration – a trend that has gone on for too long, but I still admire it when I come across it in literature. I am impatient and like books to cut to the chase; I have enormous respect for disciplined, uncluttered prose.  I think its hard for students to admire it because, like so much that is difficult in life, it looks easy – no long words or convoluted sentences, no post modern tricks or obvious brilliance. I can see why it is undervalued because I undervalued it myself for too long. Now I pursue clarity and simplicity like a demented Arthurian knight in search of  the holy grail.


So thanks Ben for this design.

Meanwhile, I’m battling away with my rewrite excising or rather ‘cutting’ the extraneous or should that be the ‘unnecessary’, or maybe ‘the flab’ or ‘the fat’? Is ‘cutting the flab’ the best way of restating ‘excising the extraneous’? Maybe it should be ‘stripping down the text’?  And so on. Endlessly. Welcome to my world…