The 365 club

I am trying to edit a novel, as I may have mentioned. I am also teaching a couple of courses this term and have various other projects on the go so it seemed the perfect time to learn something new. I have wanted to learn how to write poetry for ages now. I wrote terrible poetry as a teenager and I haven’t  really moved on, which is a bit embarrassing. I ought to be better at it. In my  opinion the best way to learn anything writing related is to read it and  write it. Therefore, in the spirit of creative procrastination and general life enrichment I have  started a facebook group for those people wanting to join my new crazy endeavour and write a poem every day for a year. It’s day four for me and I’m loving it – phrases and ideas run through my head all day, an entertaining soundtrack to the more boring aspects of my life.

The group already has around sixty members. Not all of them are active – yet. If you want to join – just drop me a line and I’ll send you an invitation.