Orange needs to concentrate

Ok – I wasn’t feeling great when the phone call came and for no good reason I was happy that my new iphone had arrived. My old one wasn’t very good at being a phone – my voice distorted, it kept turning itself on and off quite randomly and I was persuaded that my life needed an upgrade. Of course my life needed an upgrade and the idea that a phone could produce that kind of miracle was compelling.
Anyway when I get to the Richmond branch I was served by a tall pale young guy who obviously wished he were doing something else or serving someone else. He got the phone. I asked about trading in my old one. He told me I needed to go online. I always think think is strange because if it is easier to do everything online why the hell do they need a shop?
I made some remark to the effect that it was a pity that you couldn’t do those things from the shop and he told me very shirtily that it was Apple who paid for the phones not Orange: I’ve never been that good at fruit and it was fortunate I didn’t also have a Blackberry.
‘What about the simcard in the old one do I have to take it out? I asked stupidly.
‘The new phone takes a different size.’
‘I know’ I said because oddly I did know that as I’d looked at the iphone 5 reviews online:  I was wondering what I did about the old simcard if I sold the handset. I explained. He mumbled something about iTunes. He took some details.
The card reader didn’t work we went to another one. He took the same details again.
‘What tariff do you want?’
‘Can I keep the same one as before?’
There was a bit of to ing and fro ing. He told me that he knew his job: he had my account in front of him. I was less sure. I was spending a great deal of money at his store and I got the strong impression I was keeping him from something more interesting. I’m sure I was; retail is grim, but looking after me was kind of his job. He was bordering on the rude, I told him so. He denied it and printed out something for me to sign. At this point I suddenly felt incredibly faint. I was dizzy and hot and got that fuzzy kind of blackness in front of my eyes. He was busy  chatting or doing something online I’m not sure but I plonked myself on the only chair and stuck my head between my knees. He asked me to input my pin. I got up did it and then got very dizzy again. It may just be me but I’m not wild about keeling over in shops. I went back to sit down. He didn’t notice.
‘ You need to sign this’ he yelled across the shop,
‘ Could I sign it here I feel faint.’
‘How was I to know that?’
‘Because I’m sitting on a chair with my head between my knees in the middle of a transaction – that isn’t normal’
‘You’ve not been normal since you came in,’ he said under his breath loud enough for everyone in the shop to hear. ‘She’s been shouting at me since she came in,’ he confided (loudly) to his colleague. If he’d ever heard me shout he would have known that if I had been shouting he wouldn’t have to tell anyone: they would have heard. If you don’t believe me stand next to me at a rugby game.
He didn’t bring me the paper to sign though the other customers had turned to stare at me. I got up and signed the paper. He walked away.
‘ Can I take my phone now,’ I asked. He’d left it in a bag on the counter like you might leave food out for a dog.
 I am confused. It seems clear enough that Orange along with everyone else is trying to shift customers to the online operation so I suppose that stores need to offer something extra to justify their existence. I thought what they offered was customer service, help to those who may not be computer literate, who would prefer to talk to a human being. I’ve reconsidered my position on that.
 In addition to being abusive, this guy did not register my sim, discuss my package, explain what I needed to do to set up the phone. I found out only by going on line. This is all very well but if I’d been older, even less computer savvy I don’t think I would have been able to sort it out.
I attempted to make a complaint but the orange email service isn’t working apparently so I have to call 150 and wait half an hour to get through to a human being: let’s hope I find one who qualifies.

Orange needs to concentrate

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  1. Is this one of your battle scenes, Nicky? Certainly enraging!

    Penny Dolan September 25, 2012 at 10:03 pm #
  2. Very cross, Penny.

    Nicky September 25, 2012 at 11:15 pm #
  3. Finally gave up on Orange as service for my Small Bint and switched to O2, who currently offer unlimited texts and unlimited calls and 1GB data for £20 a month.

    Stroppy Author October 12, 2012 at 10:50 am #

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