The writing business

Of course writing is a business and a fairly tough one. In many ways being a writer resembles being an actor, a musician or perhaps a painter: few manage to make a living out of it and most need a second or third string to their bow. I suppose my second string is teaching but for many its bar work or temping. There is no shame in failing to earn a living from writing indeed it is depressingly normal. It helps to cultivate simple tastes, bohemian style or to find a rich partner, though it is rather politically incorrect to say so.
The business of writing is just as tough as the writing business. I mean those who are most successful treat it a business like way – writing regularly, keeping office hours, developing a routine. They also give proper time and attention to promotion, blogging and tweeting and stuff or I assume they do. Personally I find all that difficult so this blog is an attempt to master my inner sloth and talk about writing.

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